Tuesday, June 15, 2010

at least

At least you have another child.
Oh how often I have heard that sentence.
Oh how I hate it.

It's a sentence that makes no sense at all.
One child does not replace another.
One child does not nullify another.

It makes no sense.
If you had two children and one died would you just say:
oh well, at least I have another child.
No, it makes no sense.
Unless you didn't really consider Kathleen a child.
But she was a child. My child.
Just because she only lived to be 19 weeks does not make her
less of a person, less of a child, less my daughter.
"At least it happened at 19 weeks and not 40" someone said to me.
What were they thinking?? What difference does it make? None.
But only those who have traveled the road truly understand.
I loved her from the beginning, and I still love her.

At least you have two beautiful boys.
Yes, my sons bring me much joy. Much happiness.
But my sons do not remove my longing for Kathleen.
They do not remove her memory. On the contrary.

Please don't tell me, at least you have another child...
unless you are willing to tell me
which one of your children would you have sacrificed
which one do you love less
which one

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  1. Wow, pretty powerful words - but so so so true!! xoxo, Sam