Thursday, May 13, 2010

butterfly tears

Just over two years ago our little family released some butterflies. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? Yet silent tears were flowing down my cheek. It was my daughter's funeral.

I see a butterfly and think of her. Kathleen Rebecca. How can I not? She was only with us for two hours but we loved her from the beginning and she will always be part of our family. We will always love her, always miss her.

I am writing this blog because of her. Because I need a place to share my thoughts, my feelings, my journey - a journey that she has taken me on that I never imagined. Because of her I am changed forever. I see things differently, I respond differently. She has impacted me and I know she will continue to impact the world - more than some do a whole life time. She will not be forgotten. She lives on in me. She is part of me. She is my daughter, now and forever.

Now and forever.

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  1. What a beautiful story.. And to be reminded of Kathleen each time you see a butterfly, I lovethat.. I don't have any "symbols' specifically for Seth..